Building Bridges in Polarized Times

July 27  -  July 29, 2019

The 2019 Aspen Conference on Engaged Communication Scholarship will focus on how communication scholars and scholarship might help in “building bridges in polarized times.” As the political, economic, cultural, and racial divisions in our world appear to be ever widening, this year’s conference invites participants to engage theories, methodologies, and practices that foster connection, understanding, and mutual respect. Leading scholars and practitioners will examine the communicative roots of polarization and division and help us imagine how our scholarship may productively disrupt polarized positions and groups. Key questions that will inform the conference include:

  • What kinds of communicative practices invite and sustain polarization within organizations and communities?

  • How can we intervene into polarized conversations and facilitate health and well-being within organizations and communities?

  • How can institutions be created that help bridge divisions within organizations and communities?

The 2019 conference will also introduce a case study to be more deeply examined in 2020 when the Aspen Conference will temporarily relocate in order to take a “field trip” to the site of the case.

Please consider submitting a project in process or just join us in July to participate and share your ideas!